Author: Dave Johns

Tackle Box Edition #2

Leadcore Splicing   For years I bought my leadcore leaders ready spliced with lead clips attached in packs of three for convenience and for some reason shrugged off how to make them myself. After a while I wanted to have different swivels or quick change swivels on them and even got fed up with that big o ring on the end that I cut off every time. What more pleasure I thought of catching a fish with not only a rig I tied myself but a leader made by my hands too. I didn’t realise how easy it was...

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Bait Box Edition #2

Transporting boilies  So you’ve got your trip to France booked, ferry or tunnel booked and paid for, all your rigs ready and tied and tackle packed away neat and tidy waiting. By this time you’ve already spent a fair few hundred quid and not even bought your bait yet. It’s a dear do for anybody! The most important thing in my eyes is getting the best bait you can afford, what the lake your fishing allows you to use and keeping it as fresh as possible. The lake I’m currently sat at now in France, Blavet Valley Lakes, only...

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Bait Box, Edition #1

  Sticky Baits Krill Pellets   A bag of confidence that comes in sizes 900g and 2.5kg bags and pellet size of 2.3mm, 4mm and 6mm. The outer coating of the krill pellets contains a high level of pure krill meal, so once immersed in water these particles rise and fall through the water column attracting the drawing fish to the baited area. The second part of the coating slowly releases a deep orange cloud that clings to the lake bed and oozes natural attraction to hold fish on the baited spots. When I’m out on a stalking session...

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Tackle Box Edition #1

Korda Krimps  Are you worried about knot strength in your boom section or kicking your rig away from your lead set up or just like to have your rigs looking bang on and neat? Then look no further than these awesome crimping pliers and crimps. Straight out of the packet I can tell they are quality in design and robust enough for the more heavy handed folk like me! Being a car mechanic by trade I have all types of pliers in my hand on a day to day basis and I settle for nothing less than quality in...

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Spring has Sprung

So it’s fair to say that Spring is well and truly underway and Summer is just peering around the corner. Everything is coming back to life, the birds and dawn chorus are in full swing, the frogs and toads are producing spawn and future carp food in the shape of tadpoles…. and this is when short black zigs come in to their own which I’ll cover in a later blog. My unhooking mat and net are covered in tench slime and the gate at Grey Mist has been left open for the first time I’ve seen this year, which...

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