Author: Brian Coakley

A morning on the munch

  A decision made at 5am when I couldn’t go back to sleep and the weather was decent seen me pop off to Lloyds Meadow and take the opportunity to fish Badger lake ,having had a few good sessions throughout the winter I was  intrigued to see how the newly introduced stock carp had come on in 4 or 5 months This slideshow requires JavaScript. It was like the weather was teasing me as soon as I got my gear settled on the peg the rain came and stayed for the most of the short session I was there This slideshow...

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Sticking to a plan

A return to Cheshire fisheries on Sunday but this time a new pool for me and I went with a plan and was determined to stick with it even though as the week progressed the weather forecast was giving heavy rain and strong blustery winds which wasn’t ideal to my plan The plan was fish Bait tec special G paste and meat 8 meters out as the shelf drops off and try to target a better stamp of carp but with these conditions presentation was going to be hard Paste and trigonella pellets feed Mussleberry red glugged meat rigs...

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Showing his Dad how it’s done

My 8 year old son has been asking for weeks “when are we going fishing Dad” followed up with “I always catch more than you Dad” so the weather had warmed up and we headed off to Lloyds Meadow  my go to water knowing its safe surroundings and family friendly pegs on Kingfisher and Heron lakes plenty of room safe fishing room for two Simple approach of a feeder rod and shalla pole rigs using corn and dumbbell shaped Mussleberry red boilies sweetcorn and micros mussleberry red’s and micros Feeding quite heavy to start with on the pole brought...

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