You cant seem to keep me away from Lloyds Meadow at the moment all the lakes are fishing well and all offer different challenges not letting you get bored or have a easy day , the fish wont jump on your hook but you will have to work for them getting the tactics and bait right

Kingfisher lake has prolific catches throughout the year and easy access from the car park with hardstanding pathways suitable for wheelchair users with spotless male and female toilets

Choosing a peg with plenty of open water in front of me and tasty looking margins if needed,

With this just being a short session I opted for 3 rigs for the pole on the deck for paste,mid water and shalla fishing for pellets

Paste rigs , maver hooks and guru n gauge line

A bit slow to start with carp being my main target fish,bream ,skimmers,roach  and some small stock carp getting in on the bait with no sign of  the bigger fish showing just yet,constant feeding of micros and my patience was starting to pay off, loosing a few before I started to get into the better carp on the paste 10m out in the open water

As time went on the fish started to move up in the water so I followed them , firing out 6mm pellets to create a splash while shalla fishing and this was keeping me busy for the next couple of hours making sure the feed kept going in and working the swim slapping my bait on the surface for the carp to come up in the water

the sun was up and no wind , but the fish kept coming , a enjoyable few hours on a busy lake seen me use a lot of pellet but in a sensible way that kept the fish interested until I called it a day

thanks for reading and as always I welcome your comments

tight lines Brian