Name Ricky Keating
Home Town Warrington
Occupation Owner, Warrington AC
Personal Best 38lb 15oz Mirror
25lb 0oz Common
Average Session Length 48hrs Midweek

Personal Bio

I have been fishing all of my life since since around 8 years old. I come from a fishing familiy as my Dad, Grandad and Uncle have all wet a line in some form or another. My dad was the one who got me going into fishing on the Bridgewater Canal in the 80’s. My fishing buddy and lifelong friend Vinny was responsible for some escapades growing up (and now in our 40’s!), but I turned strictly into a carp angler from the age of 15 while still at school.

I am an unsocialable git and don’t like mixing with people, so I never really fished the circuits as they were too crazy. However I regularly fish the competitions with vinny and have been successful to some degree.  I opened a fishing shop after creating a rig tying busiess, it just seemed the logical step to sell more rigs. After many years now I haven’t looked back and enjoy working in the industry.

For my fishing I don’t mind the waiting game and I am a member of the Acton Burnell syndicate, so bang my head on there most weeks.

Fish for any other species? No, never only carp
Favourite Venue Acton Burnell, RH Fisheries
Favourite Rig Blow-Back Snowman Rig
Favourite Hook bait Matching Foodbait with bright-tipper
Treasured Angling Item Custom-built Century SP Rods
Your biggest angling inspiration Dad and Grandad tag team
Your life time angling goal To get to a BCAC final and catch a 40lb UK carp
Most memorable angling moment? The first fish vinny and I caught together was a carp on Grey Mist, Warrington on sweetcorn. That was the turning point with a 10lb carp.
One piece of angling advice you could give someone? Fish for yourself and don’t get caught up in the rat race chasing other people’s dreams. Set your own goals and tick them off one by one.


Popup or bottom bait?

Boilies or particles?

Syndicate or Day ticket?

Urban Adventure or Lost in the wilderness? Wilderness

Stick or Pod?

Tight or slack lines ?

and finally …

Have you heard the one where I was night fishing on one of the Prince Albert Waters with Vinny?

I ran out of my bivvy in the middle of the night half asleep to what I thought was a take. However, I stumbled and lost my footing falling through my rods with my head in the mud, but over my rods. Scared of breaking anything all I could hear was Vinny’s screams saying “don’t move, don’t move!”. I had to tell him where to go as my head was literally touching the water. It was all laughs when he untangled me from the wreckage and I looked like a swamp thang.