Name Jamie Sinar
Home Town Leigh
Occupation Shop Manager, Warrington AC
Personal Best 31lb 1oz Carp
Average Session Length Between 12 / 24 Hours All depends on the diary schedule
Fish for any other species? Dabble for Perch and Pike every now and then when the carp aren’t playing ball. Odd occasion nowadays trotting on the river for anything but 90% of my fishing is carp

Personal Bio

I am currently working as store manager for Warrington Angling Centre formally Bridgewater Tackle and have been for approximately 5 years now. I have been an angler since I was roughly 8 years old fishing the local ponds and canals with my father who really is the reason why I continued fishing throughout my life. Progressing through into my teens into match fishing, which I pursued for numerous years fishing for the local junior teams and into the seniors before finally getting bitten by the carp fishing bug.  I have been solely carp fishing for about 10 years now.

My dedication, passion, and enthusiasm for all aspects carp fishing has taken me all over the country fishing some of the finest waters available to the not so desirable urban locations to the annual yearly pilgrimage across the channel to catch those big French monsters which I just love.

Due to my successful fishing career to date it has given me the chance to field test for some notable bait companies such as Crafty Catcher and Richworth and more recently joined the Nash Tackle UK Team. I would like to class myself as a bit of a proclaimed rig boffin so if you have any issues with rigs and need tips or anything fishing related then just call in-store for a chat and a brew.

Favourite Venue Hmmmm that’s a tough choice as I’ve fished so many over my fishing career English venue probably Linear Fisheries due to the diversity which the complex holds, Distance fishing on the Brasenose Lakes to close range intimate fishing on Hunts Corner there is something for everyone. French Venue has to be Abbey Lakes that really is a stunning set of lakes not too far from Calais a must have if you have never been.
Favourite Rig Again this is a difficult question to answer but over the years if I had to use 1 rig for life and the rest of my carp fishing it would have to be the Multi Rig. Due to my fishing being varied dependant on time venue etc. this rig ticks all the boxes easy to tie, as the name says ‘Multi ‘can be set up with bottom baits, wafters and pop-ups so it’s adaptable for any situation I may be in.
Favourite Hook bait Without a doubt any white pop up… need I say any more
Treasured Angling Item My Nash Spot on Stix. Accuracy is a massive part of my angling being accurate on them tight spots the fish feed on will get you more fish on the bank.
Your biggest angling inspiration Without sounding too cliché it has to be my Dad, he was the one to take me fishing an got me out of trouble by doing so, being a top class matchman fishing all over the country on all venues including the massive lakes in Ireland he developed his own skills fishing to adapt to any venue any method and any species which in turn has made me the angler I am today. Which I believe I catch so many carp due to having the matchman philosophy of watercraft, feeding approaches, being methodical and very effective when fishing.
Your life time angling goal To keep doing the fishing I love and to catch a UK 40lb carp, 20lb Pike and a 3lb Perch not asking for much ha-ha.
Most memorable angling moment? There literally have been so many memorable moments from my angling over the past 14 years from trips to France, socials with the Korda lads, seeing my Dad land his first 20lb and 30lb carp in the same session but my personal moment has got to be from a few seasons ago when targeting a local canal near to my home, having the session of a life time. One mega morning session resulted in me landing 8 carp and losing 2 fish from a neglected stretch of the canal which the locals and fellow anglers said you can’t catch carp in here. I certainly proved the doubters wrong. By no means were they the biggest carp I have caught but I bet my hat none of them had ever seen a hook before all taken on a Multi rig with white popups.  During a small campaign on their which lasted a few months I landed no less than 35 different carp which was astounding. With my Dad getting in on the action landing over 20 different fish of his own. ‘There’s no carp in canals they say J
One piece of angling advice you could give someone? Well there’s two pieces of angling advice Ii would give anyone would be firstly be aware of your surroundings and water you have in front of you. Find out what your fishing over, what depth of water are you fishing in, are the fish there, if not be pro-active and move. You will catch more fishing doing this but it takes time practices and years of experience so walk before you can run. But most importantly enjoy yourself and enjoy the fishing your doing don’t get bogged down in social media battles and key board warriors. Fish for yourself and what makes you happy and you will enjoy the sport for along long time.


Popup or bottom bait?


Boilies or particles?


Syndicate or Day ticket?
Day Ticket


Urban Adventure or Lost in the wilderness? Urban Adventure


Stick or Pod?


Tight or slack lines ?
Tight Lines

and finally …

So So many stories I could literally write a book call the ‘Sinar Memoirs’ but If I had to pick one would be about 6 or 7 years ago me and my dad were fishing a local club lake, the session was going great both landing fish, I like the proverbial idiot I am had a baiting needle in the middle pocket of my jumper, sat down passing the time twizzling this needle and boom a bit I was in.

Jumping up like a bat out of hell I crunched into the needle which in turn impaled my jumper, t-shirt and then into my flabby belly leaving me playing a fish which attached to a Korda baiting needle. After landing the fish and a quick picture I inspected the damage it as a good half way in. A short trip to the local A&E some gas and air and a scalpel later it was out and I were back fishing with a hole in my stomach and a dose of antibiotics ha-ha.