Name Danny Bellfield
Home Town Runcorn
Occupation Civil Servant
Personal Best 21lb3oz Pike
37lb Net of Chub River Dane
Average Session Length Dawn till Dusk
Favourite Fish Dace, they feed all year round even on the coldest of days and when you catch one you know there is always more, great confidence fish.

Personal Bio

Dad to two future fishing buddies in Abigail and Joshua and partner to a very very understanding Fiance, Lucy. A local angler who started his angling life at the age of 4 fishing the local Bridgewater Canal in Runcorn with my dad back when it was Halton Joint anglers for those who remember.  An all year round all conditions angler  you will find me and my equally as fishing mad uncle Azzer every Saturday on the banks of the canals, rivers, lakes and ponds all over the north west of England and Wales.  My favourite fishing is on the bolo or stick float on the river but consider myself an all-round angler just as happy fishing for roach on the River Mersey as a pike on the local canal.  For the past 5 years I have enjoyed sharing my fishing adventures through my online angling blog called Dannys Angling Blog.
Favourite Venue River Dee
Favourite Method Stick Float
Favoured Bait Maggot and Hemp
Treasured Angling Item 14ft Drennan Acolyte Plus
Your biggest angling inspiration Dad, taught me to fish as a kid on the local canal.
Your life time angling goal To continue to enjoy my fishing and sharing it though my blogs..
Most memorable angling moment? Catching my first 2olb pike, striking and thinking you have struck the bottom and then the bottom moved is a feeling I will never forget.
One piece of angling advice you could give someone? The Time and effort put into your fishing will always be reflected in your results.


Rod or Pole?

Maggots or Pellet?

Natural venue or Day ticket Commercial?

Urban Adventure or Lost in the wilderness? Wilderness

Seat Box or Chair? Seatbox

Bomb or Feeder?

and finally …

Have you heard the one where I was fishing the River Dane 2015 in Northwich town centre?

4am down the bank, shovel in hand, at the top of the bank appears two coppers.   Their face when I said digging a peg for fishing was a picture but their face after they had checked my details and I said “I better get on with burying this body” was better!