Name Brian Coakley
Home Town Runcorn
Occupation Site engineer at Link controls ltd
Personal Best 21lb 10oz Common carp on the pole
Average Session Length I usually fish from first light to dark
Favourite Fish Carp, on match gear its a great challenge especially up in the water

Personal Bio

I have fished since the tender age of 8, brought up on local waters such as The Bridgewater canal, Town park lake and Weston angling waters. As time progressed I started fishing further into the North West, and lapped up the abundant opportunities the region has to offer. A match fisherman at heart, I will always set up pole, feeder and waggler, and so long as it’s a fish on the other end, I’m a happy man.

I’m very approachable and usually have a spare cup and some coffee if anyone fancies a chat on the bank’ so if you see him out and about, take him up on the offer and have a natter!

Favourite Venue Lloyds Meadow, very well run with four brilliant lakes to suit the novice to the expert coarse angler
Favourite Method The pole, so many different ways to use the pole, short, long, up in the water or even with a feeder on
Favoured Bait Corn has always been my go to bait
Treasured Angling Item My loop tier, makes life so easy
Your biggest angling inspiration My cousin David White ( R.I.P )
Your life time angling goal To stay consistent and visit more venues and teach my youngest son to enjoy and catch fish
Most memorable angling moment? Smashing my personal best three times in one weekend at Larford Lakes
One piece of angling advice you could give someone? When fishing don’t be scared to ask anglers on the bank for advice if they are catching, also try and research the venue you are fishing there are plenty of blogs and sites out there to help


Rod or Pole?

Maggots or Pellet?

Natural venue or Day ticket Commercial?

Urban Adventure or Lost in the wilderness? Lost In The Wilderness

Seat Box or Chair? Seatbox

Bomb or Feeder?

and finally …

Have you heard the one where I put Crayfish in my mates tray were he was feeding maggots with out looking, next thing you know he is getting bitten by the Crayfish !