The water that produced Britain’s first 70lb mirror has now seen its biggest common top 60lb for the first time.

Tarka, a fish which escaped an otter attack in its early years, fell to Luke Edwards at the Avenue 18th January at 60lb 8oz.

The Shropshire venue, run by Rob Hales, is also home to Big Rig, a 71lb 4oz mirror which was last month denied an official British record because it was stocked at a weight close to the existing benchmark.

Wolverhampton angler Luke, who is a regular at the venue, previously caught Tarka at 56lb 12oz last year.

“I’ve been having a quieter year on here,” he told Angling Times from the bank. “Fishing’s been a little tricky at times.

“I arrived at the avenue around 12pm and started angling at 2pm-ish. I aimed to get into an area which I caught from last week but someone was in the peg so I opted for the one next door.

“After a few casts about with the lead I clipped up on my chosen spots and deposited 10 spods over each rod then chucked the rods onto the spots and carefully set up with backleads.

“After an uneventful but restless night I started to receive liners at around 4am.

“At around 8am the rod gave a single bleep and I shot out of my bag and watched the bobbin move left to right.

“I shouted ‘Tarka!’ to Leon Rohrer next to me. He asked how I knew and I said ‘because I had it last year and everything was 100 per cent the same’.

“It plodded around until Leon netted it and there she was, a little bigger than last time!

“We did the photos and hoisted her up and she went 60lb 8oz, which was a right result. I’m chuffed for Rob as he and his family work their socks off.”


Fluorocarbon D rig
Hook: Size 8 Fox Edges Curve Shank
Hooklink: 16lb Fox Trans Khaki Illusion
Lead: 2oz on a clip
Hookbait: Yellow Mainline Cell wafter
Loosefeed: Mainline Cell and Aniseed White boilies, sweetcorn, particle mix